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Gel Foundation and Gel Polish: March 2016
"Very enjoyable, relaxed environment which makes it feel easier to enjoy. Would definitely recommend."

Gel Foundation and Gel Polish: March 2016
"Great course. Very relaxed, given plenty of time to practice. Could not fault the course."

Individual Eyelash Extensions: March 2016
"Great, really enjoyed it. Very relaxed, felt comfortable with everything."

Defined Brow: March 2016
"It was very informative and laid back so we felt at ease. I felt comfortable asking any questions."

Individual Eyelash Extensions: March 2016
"Awesome, nice chilled atmosphere, learnt a lot and feel happy with the info given."

Defined Brow: March 2016
"I enjoyed the course, Claude was very friendly and talked me through everything clearly and confidently."

Gel Foundation and Gel Polish: November 2015
"Brilliant! Great content, the online work was helpful and class work informative. The Gel Foundation course covers all the basics and puts you in good stead to begin as a technician."

Acrylic Foundation: June 2014
"Fantastic, had a fab time, learnt tons! Really easy to pick up the skills when it's broken down the way Claudine shows you.
Really great place to train, already looking at what else I want to do here!!! Very straightforward without sugar coating it, which is how I learn best. "

Eyelash extensions: June 2014
"Very good, had lots of fun. Learned a lot. My client was very impressed as it was my first time"

Waxing: May 2014
"Very good, excellent service. The course was very good"

Facials: August 2013
"Fantastic! Really enjoyed it."

Refresher course Eyelash Extensions: July 2013
"I thought the course was really good and I learnt a lot from the course. Claudine is a very nice woman, easy going and a laugh. Good teacher."

Refresher course Eyelash Extensions: July 2013
"Brilliant! The information and knowledge provided was very useful to me. Thank you for making me feel so relaxed."

Spray Tanning: July 2013
"Very informative and easy to understand"

Gel Polish FX: July 2013
"I enjoyed it very much, it was entertaining and fun. Thank You."

Gel Polish FX: June 2013
"Very good, all my questions answered and practical was excellent.

Acrylic Pink and White: June 2013
"Very good course, lots of information to take in but Claudine breaks it down into manageable chunks. Learnt a lot."

Individual Eyelash Extensions: June 2013
"Very good, good information given and felt very at ease!"

Gel Polish: June 2013
"The course was really good, it has helped me understand a lot more about nails"

Spray Tanning: June 2013
"Brilliant, I learnt a lot more than expected"

Waxing: June 2013
"Felt very comfortable and at ease. Learnt so much without feeling under pressure. Would do other courses in the future"
Gel Conversion: June 2013
"Very informative course, helped build my confidence, would definitely do more courses"

Spray Tanning: May 2013
"Fantastic would highly recommend this training. Very welcoming and I felt very comfortable. Will be returning to do further courses here.
P4B Knew what they were doing, very helpful and helped from booking all the way to travel. Best course I've taken."
Facial: May 2013
"Really interesting and very knowledgeable - As always. Looking forward to the next course!"

Manicure ands Pedicure: April 2013
"Very fun and interesting, learnt a lot in the 2 day course, really enjoyed it."
Spray Tanning: April 2013
"Amazing, quick, hassle free, learnt a lot
Spray Tanning: April 2013
"Very good really enjoyed it
Spray Tanning: April 2013
"Really enjoyable and very informative. Never felt rushed at any stage. Local, very fair price + course not cancelled if only me"

iFX: March 2013
"Very informative, well balanced with theory and practical. Claudine and Mark are very welcoming and knowledgeable. Would recommend this course to anyone considering offering eyelash extensions. 
Thank you Claudine and Mark"

Waxing: March 2013
"The course was relaxed and informative, fun and enjoyable with good amounts of information to take away in a simple and east to read diagram format"

Acrylic Foundation and Gel Polish: February 2013
"Learnt a lot, was brilliant, felt very at ease"

Acrylic Foundation and Gel Polish: February 2013
"Very interesting/helpful/friendly. Focused learning"

Acrylic Nails: February 2013
"Loved the course, very informative and enjoyable"
Facial: February 2013
"Very good, in-depth, very patient, great training, made me feel at ease and very comfortable"
Foundation Acrylic: January 2013
"It was very very good, learnt a lot from this course. Thank you so much."
Spray Tanning: January 2013
"The course was very informative and helpful. The environment was relaxed which was nicer to learn in."
Spray Tanning: January 2013
"Really well run, will come back for further courses. So relaxed."
Spray Tanning: January 2013
"Excellent! all the info you need to start doing spray tans! Very friendly!"
Waxing : January 2013
"Amazing, very informative and picked lots of tips up. Claudine is a superstar and has lots of patience"

Facial: December 2012
"Loved every minute of the course, lots of help and patience shown and felt at ease asking questions, made welcome from the start."
Eyelash Perming and Eyebrow/Eyelash Tinting : December 2012
"I really enjoyed my courses. The tutor is very supportive. I would definitely come back to do more courses"
Gel Polish : November 2012
"Really enjoyed the course plus the extra tips. Loved every minute. Thank you."

Facials : November 2012
"I was very impressed with the course content and how it was presented. The practical session was conducted in a way in which the information was easy to process and understand, with demonstrations combined"

Nail Wraps : November 2012
"Absolutely fabulous course. Very informative. Staff are fabulous and very thorough. Nothing is too much trouble"

Foundation Acrylic : November 2012
"Very good"

Waxing : October 2012
"Fantastic! Really informative"

Facials : October 2012
"Very useful information and well worth the price. Interesting, fun and excellent tutor"

Eyelash Perming and Gel Polish : October 2012
"Great informative website/testing beforehand. Love the relaxed environment and great people! Good advice given throughout, not just directly related to the course"

Facial and Gel Polish : October 2012
"Really enjoyed my day"

Eyelash Perming and Gel Polish : October 2012
"Very good and informative. Lovely premises - lovely people"

Spray Tanning / Individual Eyelash Extensions : September 2012
"Good, thoroughly well explained.Really enjoyed doing my courses"
Gel Polish and Gel Nail Art : September 2012
"Very enjoyable and informative. Plenty of practice time was given to ensure everything had been learnt. Again, a very relaxed atmosphere and a pleasant environment to learn in"

Gel Polish and Gel Nail Art : September 2012
"I found it very interesting and enjoyable, was very thoroughly taught and was a pleasure to be taught by such a lovely person"

Gel Polish : September 2012
"Excellent, Claudine is relaxed in her approach, I found it easy to learn. Very professional. Thank you x"

Gel Nails : August 2012
"Very interesting and informative. Claudine makes it easy to understand and is a lovely woman"

Gel Nails Foundation : August 2012
"Very informative! I enjoyed this course and found that I learnt well under the relaxed environment"

Gel Nails Foundation : August 2012
"I found the course very interesting and informative due to having such a relaxed atmosphere"

Gel Polish : August 2012
"The course was most enjoyable and informative. Apart from learning how to apply the Gel Polish we were taught pitfalls and product choice as well as our tutor threw in a few extras like a little nail art.
Very professional in her outlook and would book any course again

Gel Polish : August 2012
"I thought it was very good and professional, in-depth and felt comfy and had the time to 
listen and teach me. V recommended "

Waxing : August 2012
"I enjoyed it immensely very informative"

Waxing : July 2012
"Very thorough, friendly. Great that the theory was covered before practical as it put me at ease.
Very encouraging and gave me the confidence to carry out the full procedure.
Would definitely recommend and will be coming back for more courses"

Facial : June 2012
"Loved this course, very interesting and very relaxing"

Facial : June 2012
"They are really good. Went through everything I needed to know"

Gel Polish : June 2012
"The course was very informative. I came away feeling i had learnt a great deal.
Claudine is a very professional lady who made me feel very welcome"

Waxing : May 2012
"Absolutely loved every minute of it. Very educational, learnt everything i needed to know"

Spray Tanning : May 2012

Spray Tanning : May 2012
"Good intense course. Informative but fun, would recommend! Lovely and friendly"

Spray Tanning : May 2012
"Fab, very friendly and informative. Would definitely use again for other courses"

Spray Tanning: April 2012
"Really enjoyed the course, learnt a lot in a friendly and relaxed environment"
Spray Tanning: April 2012 
"Fantastic. Very friendly, very informative, professional. Will definitely attend more courses. 
You provide a preferred more relaxed less intimidating environment "
Acrylic Nails: April 2012
"Very interesting and explained very well. Feel like I was taught well "

Gel Polish: February 2012
"Well structured, very easy to follow. Perfect balance between theory and practical. 
Staff are fabulous, very professional, passionate and friendly. 
Would highly recommend and can't wait for my next course in March"

iFX: February 2012
"I really enjoyed the course and felt I got a lot out of it! 
There's a lot packed into the 2 days and I'm leaving feeling that I've learnt a lot of new skills that I can now build on. 
Claudine and Diane are great and made me feel at home from the start"
Waxing: January 2011
"The course was intense! Loved every minute of it....there was so much to take on board.
Claudine is very thorough - she doesn't miss a thing. That is exactly what you want / need. 
Had a lovely day / time. Would recommend to friends and I am coming back to do other courses! x :-)"

Spray Tanning: August 2011   
"Relaxed and so informative, easy to follow instructions and freedom to try yourself which really boosted confidence"

Spray Tanning: August 2011 
"Feel comfortable here, enjoyed course and felt confident, home from home.  Taught best way possible"

Spray Tanning: August 2011
"Very informative and very friendly!  Would 100% recommend this course as it gives easy and concise tips to help spray tan!  Thank you :-)" 

Nail Wraps: August 2011
"Fab! Really enjoyed the course, was lucky enough to get 1 on 1 tuition.  
The tutors made me feel very relaxed, I tried different products which was great - so I now have an idea of which I like to work with"

iFX: July 2011 
"First impression surprised was home property but really relaxed way to learn, informal, non-intrusive, excellent opportunity as only two students.  
Intensive tutoring and commitment from Claudine. Excellent service because small group.Theory notes very good and presented very well"
Gel Polish: 2011
"Attended the Gel Nail Polish Half Day Course Yesterday!..
Met the Ladies there at P4B lovely surroundings Claudine has everything and i mean everything to do with Nails!..she could start her own wholesalers!..
She knows her products and is a relaxed and informative Tutor..she lets you play with the products, doesn't stand over you watching, its great.
Thank You hope to see you again shortly for another course - maybe Gel or Acrylic."               

Nail Wrap Course
"I really enjoyed the nail wrap course and found it really enjoyable.  Diane and Claudine were extremely informative and helpful.
I am looking forward to doing my next course.  I felt at ease and comfortable"
Nail Wrap Course
"Enjoyed the training, especially the 1 on 1, as i felt more relaxed.  Very relaxing environment! 
Thank you !"

3D Nail Art
"Brilliant, I enjoyed every minute!  Would love to come back to be taught by Claudine again" 
Semi permanent eyelash extensions:  

“It was very informative and I enjoyed every minute, felt at ease and at home at all times and 

never had to ask a question as every question was already answered.” 



“Course was very, very good.  Teacher was fantastic, made everything very simple and easy to take in.  

Had fun, learnt the best way.  Everything will definitely stay in the mind.”


“Brilliant, very informative.  Very professional, but with a relaxed atmosphere.  

All stages were broken down, so very easy to learn.  I would highly recommend to anyone.”


Note: All of the above student reviews can be seen with a student signature, along with many more upon request.  
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